Wide Awake Live is a Podcast about Sex, Love and Everything in Between, created in January 2018 and launched in April 2018. We air on Facebook Live every Tuesday at 7pm (MST) from the QV Media Network Page, live out of

DIA Studios

On Wide Awake Live, we discuss controversial, yet important topics from a female point of view. Our topics range from relationships to female empowerment to learning how to spot toxic people and so forth. We discuss topics that most people only talk about behind closed doors.


On Wide Awake Live, the floor is always open. We welcome opinions and comments from our audience as we film live and we address as many comments as we can during the show. Everyone is welcomed to join in the conversation; we appreciate different perspectives. And we do welcome guests! Send us an email: 


In June 2018, The TCP Network (The Cultrured Professional) took an interest in Wide Awake Live and decided to add us to their programming, making Wide Awake Live officially syndicated! 

Wide Awake Live is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube

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Gracie Phoenix, Mr. Midas, Wide Awake Live, QV Media, DIA Studios, Denver, CO
WIe Awake Live - Gracie Phoenix - Podcast

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