​Afro-Deeziak Radio began when Gracie Phoenix reached out to a Caribbean radio show in Houston to introduce her concept of airing African Music on their show. Pure Vibz 90.1 FM KPFT in Houston, TX with Supa Neil & DJ Uncle L decided to give her the chance of a lifetime! Pure Vibz gave Gracie her own segment called "The African Spotlight". Gracie called in each Monday night to introduce 3 new African Jamz and the audience response was incredible. DJ Supa Neil and Uncle L would also premiere the best tracks when they DJ'd at Houston Night Clubs. But, this was only the beginning. Gracie Phoenix was the only American promoting African music at this time and she wanted to make a splash in the industry!


In 2011, Gracie met with a local Radio Station in Denver, Colorado called: TradioV (Formerly know as WKRP). They were interested in her idea to produce an african radio show and she started a radio show called Afro-Deeziak Radio: where we play the top 40 African songs, up and coming African artists and a splash of Dancehall. Afro-Deeziak Radio is in the top 3  for creating traffic to the station. We are also very well integrated: Gracie is an African American, her co-host, Dr Ladi Auset, is African American / Cuban and DJ RV is from Gabon. Afro-Deeziak Radio is internet based and shows us broadcasting live video feed in the studio. So it's considered a Radio show in TV, which is great because we can broadcast live anywhere in the world on the internet or on Tv. We are the only American radio show that promotes African music and we plan to take this to the next level. We are looking to push Afro-Deeziak Radio in the African communities globally. Our goal is to have Afro-Deeziak Radio broadcasted in Major cities throughout Africa. We are also planning to start shows in French for the French speaking countries in Africa.

Our objective is not only to get other cultures interested in this fresh, new sound, but to expose arising African artists globally as well. We have taken on a specific task of promoting arising African artists in the US through Television and Radio broadcasting. We are the only American promoters of African music and we know what kind of potential that holds. The African communities worldwide have grown to applaud what we do and we are being rapidly respected all across the globe.

Afro-Deeziak Radio with Gracie Phoenix, Ladi Auset and DJ RV featuring Special Guest DJ Sero Lion

with the Colorado Caribbean Community

Afro-Deeziak TV during the 1st Annual Caribbean Curry Q in Denver 2014

Afro-Deeziak Radio with Gracie Phoenix ​featuring guest DJ E Money and Sultan Clintone from

South​ Sudan

Callers lash out on Afro-Deeziak Radio about the 2011 BET Awards not airing African nominees

Gracie Phoenix - The American Leader in

African Music Promotion in the USA 2011-2013