Grace L. Phoenix is a US native, born in Detroit, Michigan – home of the Motown Era. She is widely known as "Gracie Phoenix" or "The Lady Gracie".  She is the survivor of a narcissistic ex-husband and mother of four amazing, talented boys, who mean the world to her. Gracie has been expanding her horizons, and viewing things from a wider perspective since her marriage ended and as she matures into her late 30's.  

So far, Gracie's journey has landed her radio and television shows, interviews with various celebrities,  film festival entries and a livestream show. Gracie Phoenix is a multifaceted public figure, involving herself in several media outlets. 


In 2009, she traveled to Dakar, Senegal and Brazzaville, Congo and was introduced to African music. Being that Gracie is African American, the connection to African music was natural and effortless so, Gracie decided to stick with it. Because Gracie has always had an ear for good music, she thought it best to find great artists and help promote them; hence, G.P. International Music group was born and was founded in early 2010.


In 2011, she began looking for and eventually promoting African music artists via her radio show: Afro-Deeziak Radio which aired on the TradioV Network (Formerly known as WKRP Radio) and in a very short while, her name gradually began to grow in African communities globally. Within a few months of promoting only African music, Gracie added Caribbean music to the roster, since African music and Caribbean music can blend very easily and because the audience for both genres are similar in demographic. 


During the 2011 BET Awards, Gracie traveled to Los Angeles to interview the African nominees. She had the pleasure of interviewing Fally Ipupa and was able to secure various interviews with other African artists in the following months. 


Gracie Phoenix has interviewed the following artists on Afro- Deeziak Radio:

  • Fally Ipupa 

  • Tuface Idibia 

  • David Monsoh 

  • Michael Blackson

  • Dencia

  • Kelly Hansome

  • Zone Fam

  • Maurice Kirya

  • Tolumide

During the 2011 Bite My Music Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Gracie was a celebrity judge for the African music category. Gracie has also been featured in magazines and newspapers in Zambia, Nigeria and Malawi. 

In fall of 2015, Gracie teamed up with The Specialists Network and began filming for her TV show: Afro-Deeziak TV, which airs on Comcast Networks, channel 26 in Atlanta, GA and launched March of 2016. Afro-Deeziak TV showcases music videos from African and Caribbean artists. We are always accepting music from arising artists as well.

In 2016, Gracie hosted the official launch party for Afro-Deeziak TV in Atlanta, GA with the The Specialists Network, working the red carpet. 

Since the Afro-Deeziak TV launch, Gracie Phoenix and Khysin Bless have interviewed the following artists: 

  • Damian Marley

  • J Holiday 

  • Mr. Vegas (Jamaica) 

  • Method Man 

  • Red Man

  • Raekwon (Wu Tang Clan)

  • The Floacist (Floetry) 

  • Mobb Deep 

  • Shaggy 

Please send inquires to: AfroDeeziakTv@gmail.com

In 2017, Gracie escaped her abusive husband of 4 years and wrote a short film about her experience. Rise From the Ashes is about Narcissistic Abuse and the long term psychological damage that years of manipulation can do to an individual. Rise From the Ashes has been selected for several film festivals globally as well as nominated for several awards. For more information, please click here

Gracie also helps support survivors of narcissistic abuse through a movement called Educated Empath. The Educated Empath movement was designed to put the power back into the hands of survivors and victims of narcissistic abuse because education on this type of psychological abuse is the best weapon against being manipulated again. Like they say: "An Educated Empath is the narcissists' worst nightmare." For more information, please click here

In Spring of 2018 Gracie Phoenix teamed up with Miss Epic to create a sizzling livestream show called Wide Awake, where we discuss topics around Sex, Love and Everything in Between! We air on Facebook Live every Tuesday at 7pm MST on the QV Media Network page. For more information, please click here.

In Fall of 2018, Gracie created Resilience Perfume. This women’s fragrance is soft, yet potent and is blended with essential oils. Resilience has a delightful tropical/musk scent that declares dominance and lasts all day long! 

Gracie calls the fragrance“Resilience” because after surviving domestic violence, she was inspired to reach other women by showing the world how we, as women, are able to overcome and “Bounce Back” after crisis! For more information, please click here

Photo by Robert May III